“I had premature ejaculation for YEARS and you cured me. Thank you so much!” – R. W ., Skokie, IL

“Finally, I’m the man I always wanted to be. If you’re ever in Houston, I’d love to shake your hand.” – S.A., Houston, TX

“Premature ejaculation has been driving my husband crazy. We used your program, and after two months, he’s cured and so happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – J.J., Sarasota, FL

“Dude, you rock! I’m cured! Total control! And my girlfriend LOVES getting massaged!”– C. H., Bend, OR.

The official name for this problem is “premature ejaculation.”  But some men fear that “premature” implies they are immature. Relax. Maturity has nothing to do with it. The key to curing this problem is to gain voluntary control over something that’s been involuntary. That’s why many sex therapists and I prefer the term “involuntary” ejaculation. It implies a learning process—what’s involuntary can become voluntary, under a man’s control. Unfortunately, most physicians, sex counselors, and therapists continue to call this problem “premature” ejaculation or PE.

Whatever you call it, no matter what your age, in the vast majority of cases, this problem usually easy to cure. Sex therapy cures more than 90 percent of men within a few months. Men can also learn to last longer all by themselves—without drugs, or anesthetic creams.

The Cure for Premature Ejaculation works. And it’s a win-win—it also improves women’s sexual satisfaction.

Note:  Your results may vary and are not guaranteed.

In this downloadable book:

• Men’s Most Common Sex Problem—In All Age Groups
• How Soon Is Too Soon?
• How Rapid, Involuntary Ejaculation Develops.
• Start with a Check-Up
• Don’t Tune Out Your Body. Tune Into It.
• Stay Sober
• The 9-Step Sex Therapy Last-Longer Program
• This Program Works
• Rapid, Involuntary Ejaculation After 40
• Do You Need Drugs?
• Don’t Use Anesthetic Creams
• Masturbate Beforehand?
• How the Program Can Enhance Women’s Enjoyment of Sex
• If You Need More Help…

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